The Breakneck Auto Rifle

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-The Breakneck - Pinnacle weapon-

Breakneck—Precision Auto Rifle (Kinetic)
  • Breakneck’s unique perk is “Onslaught: This weapon’s rate of fire increases as you stack Rampage.”
  • When the plan was made to create more pinnacle weapons for a variety of activities and not just the Crucible, we had to think of something that would fit the activity. This was intended to be a workhorse for Gambit encounters, where killing large numbers of enemies very fast is the name of the game for a significant portion of it, so something with Rampage was an obvious starting point. Pinnacle weapons occupy an interesting space in the sandbox where we can take what is normally a Legendary-tier effect like Rampage and expand on that idea further. We did it with Outlaw for Desperado, and we’re doing something similar here for Rampage.
Quest Steps
  • Pick up the quest from the Drifter
  • Complete all the following objectives; you can earn progress toward these goals at the same time
      • 500 Auto Rifle kills
      • 100 Auto Rifle multikills
      • 150 challenging enemies defeated
      • 40 Gambit matches completed
  • Complete all of the objectives and head back to the Drifter to receive a fully Masterworked Breakneck

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Witch Murder by Rahul 2018-12-07 22:48:46

I’ve used these guys a couple times and every time I come away impressed. Super quick, secure and effortless. As a working pro I don’t have time for the grind, these guys take that away so you can actually enjoy the game.