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-Glory Rank Boosting -

This service is for boosting glory rank in the Competitive playlist Just select however many points you like us to boost, for example if you are currently at 500 glory points purchase the 1600 glory point boost to reach Fabled (2100 points) or if you are at 2000 points, select 3500 points boost to reach Legend(5500)  

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  • Once you place your order our team will contact you to start. They will keep you updated throughout the entire process. Once they are finished they will notify you via email/text.
  • Please leave your method of contactCharacter(s) you would like, and time frame our Professionals are able to login and process your order in the notes section
  • We do not use any programs or bots. We provide 100% legitimate and professional services
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Witch Murder by alienatedatom 2019-04-30 22:18:58

Absolutely thrilled with the results! got a 600 boost to get to 2100 and it was done the next day in only a couple hours, and I logged on to shiny new pinnacle weapons! Absolutely fantastic service

Witch Murder by wsarkk 2019-03-29 19:44:14

These guys are just fantastic! They were professional and provided amazing customer service the whole time. I highly recommend if your struggling with anything in d2 to have these guys help you!

Witch Murder by DH92 2019-03-23 16:31:29

The team was fantastic. Jeff kept me updated on all progress and when the team needed to login. I experienced some microsoft issues while they were trying to login at first. Jeff showed tremendous patience in working through the issue with me. Overall a painless experience and I would recommend them for sure. 10/10

Witch Murder by sonjayellorose 2019-02-16 09:54:13

Honestly I heard about this site from really chill dude I played with. I wasn't sure whether to bite the bullet as I had never used l a service like this before. Not gonna lied, I'm glad I did. My professional assigned to me was Alex and he was great, and this man was fast and efficient got my request done in a day. All I know is if I need a service done its definitely gonna be these guys, as they are professional and reliable.

Witch Murder by Pat 2019-01-18 08:58:27

Was struggling so bad on those last 4-5 wins and Ryan got it dont for me in an hour and half! The price was unbeatable and I highly recommend these guys! You won’t regret it.

Witch Murder by odyssey117 2019-01-18 04:34:00

Jeff is phenomenal. I started out with only 1029 points and within just a few hours I had my Lunas Howl. I highly recommend going with these guys. They are perfect for the job. I will send everyone I know to them.

Witch Murder by Mh0306 2018-11-19 12:29:38

Only had a couple hundred points left to reach fabled and with the holiday week wasn’t sure on ability to get complete before season reset. They had it done in a an hour or two. Very easy and very helpful!!

Witch Murder by npadilla02 2018-11-18 11:18:37

Only needed about 600 glory points to get to Luna. I placed my order and they got to it a couple hours later. It only took them like 2 hours tops and they never lost a game. they are very professional and i highly recommend.

Witch Murder by beaucoq 2018-11-17 11:32:52

I purchased 1000 glory to bump me up to 2100. They started that night and finished in less then 3 hours...they never lost a game! Very professional and highly recommend

Witch Murder by samlietxh19 2018-11-15 09:36:57

I needed 600 more Glory points to get my Luna’s Howl. After placing my order through Destiny Professionals they got it done for me in less that 12 hours. Very fast, very professional and well worth the price. Wish I knew about them sooner.

Witch Murder by John 2018-08-10 09:42:09

I got the twenty wins from these guys and it was done quickly and efficiently. Excellent group of guys.