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-Escalation Protocol - Farming -

Escalation Protocol, is a wave-based mode that takes place on Mars, the expansion’s locale. Players must take on 7 waves of increasingly difficult Hive enemies, including a few new enemy types. Escalation Protocol rewards are split up in to 3 main channels: vanity, weapons, and armor. Each channel operates a little bit different to give people different pursuits and provide rewards at different rates/tiers. 1) Vanity: These rewards are low drop chance, and can come out of any Escalation Protocol chest you open during the event. The further in you get, the higher chance the chest has to grant one of the EP exclusive vanity items. (Exclusive Ship, Sparrow and Ghost) 2) Weapons: These are your grindable rewards. They don’t drop as power upgrades past the soft cap (Light Level 340) They’re a low drop chance from the wave 7 boss, and the reward pool changes for the different bosses. Three of the bosses have a specific weapon (between shotgun, sniper rifle, and smg) tied to them and will only drop that weapon. The other two bosses can drop any of the three weapons if you just want to grind and roll the dice. 3) Armor: The armor set comes from a chest that appears after beating the wave 7 boss. This chest requires a key to open, and characters can earn one key a week by playing other Warmind activities to build and charge their key. The armor pieces that come out of the chest are awarded in a specific order, and you won’t see repeats until you’ve collected the entire armor set. (aka Smart Loot) The order is Class Item -> Legs -> Arms -> Chest -> Head

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Witch Murder by roaster3 2018-07-22 16:46:32

It took a lot tries to get the shotgun because of my bad RNG;but they got it.A fantastic job!Thanks again!