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-Campaign Completion-

We will complete the main story mode campaign on a guardian of your choice making sure to get the optimal rewards and loot drops along the way. In the process the Professionals will also play on the subclass of your choosing and climb up the skill attribute tree unlocking abilities throughout the process.

-Order Requirements-

*If you chose the Play With option, please leave your PSN/Gamertag and a time frame you are available. *If you chose the Play For option, please leave your Account Login Details, Email/NumberCharacter(s) you would like to go flawless, and time frame our Professionals are able to login and process your order in the notes section All orders will be complete same day or within 12-36 hours after placing your order. Would you like to have your order completed ASAP? Contact us or speak to a live chat representative about our Expedited service! Thank you

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